Sell Beyond Your Line of Sight

Uncover Ideal Customers, Grow Market Share

Find leads based on custom search criteria of your ideal customer profile. Start your search with the right properties, the right businesses, or the right people to expand your pipeline and win more business.

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Begin Your Search with Your Ideal Customer in Mind

Configure starting with the right properties, right businesses, or right people to pinpoint opportunities in new or existing market areas.

  • Find the businesses and people within your ideal property profile
  • Target properties and people within new or existing business customers
  • Pinpoint businesses and properties aligned with your ideal buyer profiles
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Identify New Opportunities and Contacts at Scale

Use your custom search output to quickly assess market areas and identify high-value prospective customer segments. 

  • Deepen visibility into existing and prospective customers
  • Identify new customers outside your existing go-to-market tools
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Export and Act on High-Value Targets at the Property Level

Transfer targeted leads into tools like Salesforce and Pipedrive to arm your team with contacts, expand marketing campaign reach, and personalize audiences.

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More Funding, Healthier Buildings

In the wake of COVID-19, billions of dollars were allocated to schools to fund upgrades related to indoor air quality and other health measures. This webinar explores how commercial services sellers can apply stimulus funding insights provided by Convex to help schools make improvements to operate safely.

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