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What might have taken a few hours can now be accomplished in less than an hour … I don’t even need to leave the interface to make calls and find decision makers.”

Sam Cain
Business Development Executive, Marsden

Grow Your Waste Services Revenue, Faster

Equip your waste services teams with the tools and data to identify, win, and grow
trash pickup and recycling opportunities in record time.


Identify a Winning Route

Atlas maps out building permit data, the facility manager’s contact information, and more to help waste management teams know where to sell.

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Clean Up Your Pipeline

Enhance sales performance by integrating your CRM data with tools like kanban-style boards, leaderboards, and territory mapping so you stay organized, focus on the right targets, and easily prep for meetings.

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Dispose of the Competition

Efficiently target buildings serviced by a direct competitor and customize your lead scoring to zero in on properties that match your ideal criteria.

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How Commercial Services Teams Leave Money on the Table

Commercial sales teams are under pressure to boost their profits. Inflation is driving gas and equipment costs up, competition is fierce, and margins are tighter than ever. This pressure is shared across every vertical that caters to commercial properties: HVAC, fire and life safety, elevators, security, facilities services, and waste management.

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