Accelerate Revenue Growth with Convex


Your Go-to Partner for Go-to-Market Success

Purpose-built for commercial services, our platform delivers a competitive edge for teams to take control of their sales process, from the start:

  • Plan your prospect pipeline with a complete market view
  • Target high-value buildings to expand your commercial footprint
  • Engage your ideal customers with insights that drive winning results

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Arm Your Sales Teams to Sell Smarter

Our intuitive, map-based software Atlas provides valuable sales intelligence and pipeline management that enable sales teams to quickly find and win new business in their territory with just a few clicks:

  • Design territories for reps based on your ideal property-profile
  • Help reps target high-value opportunities to increase win-rate and deal size
  • Monitor prospecting activities and pipeline health with confidence

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Win the Most Valuable Opportunities Across Your Market

Our Data Licensing solution empowers your organization with proprietary AI-powered insights and knowledge to uncover whitespace and prioritize leads in your market:

  • Find properties, tenants, and decision-makers beyond your line of sight
  • Assess opportunities at scale tailored to your business needs
  • Enrich your organization with property and contact data to target and successfully engage accounts

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Organize Data Around What Matters Most—the Physical Building

The Data Lake securely stores property- and account-centric data from your systems, third-party sources, and Convex, so your teams have the information needed to go to market effectively.

  • Convex data: Building square footage, permit history, property type, tenants, contacts, and more
  • Your data: Service history, equipment records, account history, and more
  • Third-party: Government funding, energy efficiency, air quality, business ratings, and more

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Access the Data You Need, All From One Place

Open and extensible, we offer bi-directional system integrations to bring our insights and enhance your existing tech stack. Empower your organization from your systems or ours. Common integrations include Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft among others.

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Get the Answers You Need From Our Experts

Our professional services team helps our business partners make sense of their market and tackle their most important growth challenges. Whether it’s a TAM analysis, a cold call sprint, or optimizing a go-to-market strategy, we work hand-in-hand with you to win in your market.

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How does it work?

Where does the data come from?

A proprietary combination of best-in-class machine learning and long term partnerships. Only Convex maps these different sources at the individual property level.

How often is the data refreshed?

Our data updates dynamically. The frequency depends on the data type and source, and most of it is updated daily. Virtually none of it is more than 30 days old.

How accurate is the information?

We have a full time team working on nothing but data quality reviews. Combined with machine learning models, we believe we have the most accurate data on the market.

Who should use the Commercial Services Platform?

Any leader or individual contributor who supports their organization’s revenue goals. We support users who work across many functions: sales, marketing, operations, executive leadership, and more.

What tools do you integrate with?

We integrate with most go-to-market tools, including but not limited to Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot.

What data can I access?

We have hundreds of fields under management that provide unparalleled insight into the people, businesses, and properties that you service, including building square footage, number of stories, air conditioning code, fire sprinkler amenities, equipment age, permit descriptions, and owner information.

More Funding, Healthier Buildings

In the wake of COVID-19, billions of dollars were allocated to schools to fund upgrades related to indoor air quality and other health measures. This webinar explores how commercial services sellers can apply stimulus funding insights provided by Convex to help schools make improvements to operate safely.

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