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Atlas helps me be more effective by cutting down on the time I need to spend physically prospecting. Instead of driving through an area and taking notes on prospective businesses, I can pull up Atlas to perform a search of that same area or region. What might have taken a few hours can now be accomplished in less than an hour.”

Sam Cain

Keep Your Pipeline Stocked with Properties

Equip your sales teams with tools and data to
close maintenance contracts in record time.


Qualify Inside and Out

Access property information from floor to ceiling, including building ownership, square footage, permits, and contact information, so you can reach out to the right people at the right properties.

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Energize Your Sales Cycle

Drive sales through the roof by integrating your CRM data with tools like kanban-style boards, leaderboards, and territory mapping, so you can stay organized, focus on the right targets, and easily prep for meetings.

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Sweep the Competition

Scour and target facilities serviced by other building maintenance teams and customize your lead scoring to flush out properties matching your ideal criteria.

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How ABM Drove 7x ROI With Atlas

Facilities services leader ABM had significant revenue goals, but the traditional ways of selling and existing tech stack made it challenging to achieve the necessary levels of growth. Learn how teams adopted Atlas to uncover new growth opportunities, modernize their sales process, and ultimately close more details.

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