About Us

What We Do

Convex is a trusted provider of powerful, unique, and data-rich software designed by and for the commercial service businesses industry. Unlike spreadsheets and generic solutions, we leverage a powerful combination of geographic data and easy-to-use software that digitally transforms organizations into efficient, winning teams.

Founded in 2017, our team of industry experts and leading technologists is headquartered in San Francisco.

Our Mission

To serve as the most important partner to digital-first commercial services businesses.

Our Core Values

Be Good

Ensure that our actions enhance our colleagues’ and customers’ lives.


Actively listen to our customers, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Ask Questions

Don’t accept the status quo. Be curious and data driven.

Work Hard, and Smart

Time is precious and so is our sanity. Push hard and work efficiently.


Say what you’re going to do and do it. “Does it work, ’er not?”