5 Strategies for Generating Commercial HVAC Leads

Commercial HVAC companies have slow and busy seasons like any other industry, but that doesn’t mean your sales team should slow down. Longer sales cycles and more complex service offerings make having a strong pipeline of qualified leads more important. 

Keep revenue streams active year-round. This article shares lead-generation strategies designed to help your sales team meet their quotas.

1. Provide sales enablement resources

Identify the areas where your sales team struggles and provide the resources needed to alleviate those challenges. These resources could be more effective sales content, time-saving tools, training, and more. Businesses with a sales enablement program see their salespeople achieve goals 23 percent more often

You’re not alone if you’re more comfortable with offline sales tactics. Traditional mindsets argue that commercial HVAC leads won’t come from online sources. Yet 62 percent of B2B buyers solely use digital content to make purchase decisions. The sooner you meet buyers where they are, the quicker your sales pipeline will fill with prospects who intend to move forward. 

Sales and marketing teams co-own sales enablement content. Work together to identify the best customers to use in case studies. Determine which sell sheets need updates. Create new ones to showcase your latest offerings. Conduct an audit to see what topics are missing from your blog or other thought leadership channels. 

Consistency and collaboration are key to this valuable content. It will attract leads and position your company as a credible HVAC provider when done correctly.

2. Launch a referral program

Your happiest customers are your best business advocates. Turn their positive experiences into a valuable source of leads when you launch a referral program. 

It’s tempting to keep this as an informal process. Only 30 percent of B2B businesses run a formalized referral program. Yet this source’s lead quality and close rates are too strong to ignore. Implement this initiative with some simple tips:

  • Incentivize customers to refer new business by offering discounts.
  • Make the referral process as easy as possible with an online form.
  • Consistently communicate reminders about the program and its benefits. 

A commercial HVAC sales referral program will be successful if your team delivers quality service at every phase of the customer experience.

3. Reach out to one-time customers with warranty reminders

Not every current account has an ongoing service agreement. These existing customers are prime lead opportunities because they are already familiar with your sales representative and business. It’s also the most cost-effective way to meet revenue targets. Existing customers are 65 percent more likely to buy than new prospects. 

Don’t reach out to them empty-handed. Prioritize your outreach by expiring warranty dates. Offer a service check-up or inquire about maintenance repairs. They will appreciate that you saved them money by operating within the warranty window. Gather feedback and look for cross-sell openings for unsuccessful deals.

Document the communication in your CRM and revisit these efforts later.

4. Leverage lead generation platforms

There are many sales solutions designed to help generate leads. Finding the right one for your salespeople and business goals takes some assessment. Any lead generation software you explore should provide relevant data points to your needs. Criteria like business industry, location, and size are standard. 

Using a platform intended for commercial services sales gives you the information needed to streamline lead generation and qualification. A solution like Convex Atlas includes standard business data plus details like building maintenance and service records, property ownership, facility manager contact details, and much more. Prospecting that formerly took days takes moments.

5. Find leads through networking

Actively attend professional networking events in your community. This practice leads to more awareness of your company and expertise. There are many opportunities for face-to-face interactions, including: 

Consider sponsorships for key events to further your presence beyond one-on-one networking. These sponsorships include attendee contact information so that you can follow up with more information about your commercial services. 

Strategically choose the best networking events for your sales team. Split up networking responsibilities based on individual skills and schedules. As long as they show up with positive intent and plenty of business cards, they will meet prospects and expand brand recognition.


Generating high-quality commercial HVAC sales leads is an ongoing process. By implementing these strategies and consistently analyzing results, you’ll fuel your sales pipeline with promising opportunities. 

Ensure your team has the resources they need to reach their sales targets. With Convex Atlas, you’ll spend less time chasing leads and more time closing deals. Focus on what you do best—exceptional service—while Convex takes care of the rest. Contact Convex to learn more about optimizing your HVAC prospecting pipeline.

Originally published on March 19, 2024 Updated on March 26, 2024

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