Modern Commercial HVAC Sales Team Closing Tips

The commercial HVAC sales landscape is evolving. Is your company adjusting to maintain revenue targets?

While closing deals is the ultimate goal, it’s important to know that HVAC buyer’s   priorities have changed. Buyers have more options and information at their disposal than ever before. Whether a maintenance repair or a large retrofit project, they seek a provider with the expertise and offerings to meet their unique needs. 

This article discusses modern closing tips for commercial HVAC sales teams, which includes leveraging available technology and digital tools, while still emphasizing the benefits of a consultative approach.

1. Provide tailored solutions and present their value

Customers want individualized attention, so one-size-fits-all solutions don’t resonate. Instead, present custom proposals highlighting value, long-term benefits, and flexible offerings. This level of communication requires an in-depth discovery process and active listening to the prospect’s challenges and goals. 

Square footage and building temperature needs are a good start. A successful initial call will dive into energy efficiency targets, operational concerns, budgets, and equipment. Consider a historic building, for example. Without a clear understanding of their goals, space limitations, and construction restrictions, the installation could end before it has even begun. Given that almost 60 percent of historic commercial properties have HVAC system inefficiencies, it’s in the best interest of your sales team to know the challenges with this type of property and the available retrofitting solutions.

When reviewing the proposal, walk through the features that specifically speak to their priorities. Draw attention to the cost-effectiveness of your offering, and don’t leave the calculations to their imagination. Show the cost-savings behind your efficient services, including:

  • lower annual utility bills
  • fewer maintenance check-ups
  • longer equipment lifespans
  • and less business downtime. 

These data points will resonate with decision-makers but are one part of the sale. Use customer testimonials and reference similar case studies to remind them you are an experienced and trustworthy partner. Be prepared to pivot based on their feedback. Have flexible pricing and a service menu ready in the case of objections. The customer wants a collaborative experience to give the green light confidently.

2. Focus on efficient, eco-friendly options

Businesses are continuously focusing on sustainability initiatives. Their HVAC systems are a prime opportunity to reduce carbon footprints. The Environmental Sustainability Index report indicates that 86 percent of companies are increasing their budgets to reach these green goals. A modern sales team will recognize this and offer eco-friendly options accordingly. 

Highlight how your energy-efficient systems and installation techniques help lower greenhouse gas emissions. Promote ventilation systems that enhance air filtration and recover energy. Consider solar or geothermal integrations to partially or fully power their HVAC system for less reliance on traditional energy sources. Don’t forget about automated ‘smart’ thermostats and controls, as the industry’s interest in such features has reached peak levels.

Educate your sales team on the latest eco-friendly HVAC technologies and regulations. Offer prospects guidance on how to take advantage of government incentive programs. Collaborate with engineers specializing in green, eco-friendly practices for more in-depth knowledge. Doing so shows your commitment to being an expert in changing market needs.

3. Streamline sales process with digital solutions

To talk through unique customer needs and present tailored proposals, your sales team needs efficiency in their other responsibilities. Use technology to find leads, gather background information, and show service value that will result in an easier sell. There are a variety of solutions that can help with sales communications, research, and lead management:

Online Proposal Tools

Streamline the creation of proposals and ensure easy collaboration with all stakeholders. Expedite approvals, edits, and closing signatures.

Interactive Savings Calculator

Let the prospect estimate their potential energy savings or use this tool internally to simulate cost savings for sales presentations. Either way, the ROI will be clear. 

Lead Prospecting and Management Platform

Identify high-quality leads and focus your efforts on businesses most likely to need your services. Manage your lead pipeline, communications, and sales notes. Integrate with your CRM to easily find referrals or repeat business. Choose a solution tailored to commercial sales for deep insights into building specifications, property ownership, permitting, and more. 

By effectively incorporating these digital resources into your sales approach, your commercial HVAC team can boost productivity, approach prospects confidently, and increase your close rate. 

4. Don’t underestimate the importance of follow-up

The final pitch is one step in closing a sale. You’ve laid the groundwork throughout the sales cycle, but this isn’t the finale. It’s just the beginning of a successful relationship with a commercial HVAC customer. Building trust and fostering long-term partnerships are integral to repeat business, referrals, and upsell opportunities. 

If your customer contract includes ongoing maintenance check-ups, you’ll already have a built-in communication schedule ready. If it’s a one-time business sale, scheduling regular check-ins is even more critical. Use opportunities like system performance updates or significant industry news to reach out and show your continued dedication to their account.

Conclusion: Use Convex for in-depth sales discovery

Your commercial HVAC sales team will confidently secure deals with custom solutions, time-saving tools, and a focus on trending service offerings. The modern sale requires a shift to a consultative approach that prioritizes the customer’s experience.  

A hardworking sales team deserves a solution that eases the most time-consuming tasks. Convex Atlas delivers qualified prospects and contact information for properties in your desired area. Focus your outreach on upcoming warranty expirations, maintenance windows, niche verticals, and much more. Transform sales challenges into triumphs with Convex Atlas today.

Originally published on March 19, 2024 Updated on March 26, 2024

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