6 Tips for Sales Professionals In Security & Access Control

Tips for Sales Professionals in Security Access Control

As technology advances and security threats become more sophisticated, finding the perfect balance between meeting customer demands and offering cutting-edge solutions can feel like an uphill battle for sales professionals.

The pressure to navigate a competitive market while grappling with the intricacies of modern access control solutions can be overwhelming. As client expectations rise, the need for innovative strategies becomes more urgent than ever before.

Here are six invaluable tips that empower sales professionals to excel in the domain of security access control. By leveraging these strategic approaches, sales professionals forge robust client relationships and elevate sales performance.

Let’s explore the heart of security access control and unpack how to unlock growth within this thriving industry.

1. Pre-qualify leads and properties

Your sales representatives only have one chance to make a good first impression. Don’t have them waste it on an organization that isn’t right for the systems you sell. That’s setting your salesperson up with a near-impossible challenge. 

There’s only so much someone can do with a prospect who doesn’t have interests, budget, or priorities that align with your security systems. Additionally, properties should be qualified prior to a sales conversation as larger properties beget larger proposals and owner occupied properties often require a different go-to-market approach.

Spend time qualifying leads so every person and property your team reaches out to is a good fit for your business.

Successful firms qualify leads based on:

  • Tenant and contact information
  • Ownership and permit history
  • Property attributes
  • Intent and needs
  • Financial viability

A sales rep can contact a prospect at the right time, like when their system is due for a maintenance check. Lead quality has a huge impact on the close rate, meaning you should see your revenue starting to climb.

2. Use effective sales strategies

One of the most important things your sales team can do is sell proactively. There are many different techniques that promote this strategy. Leveraging networking and relying on referrals is an effective way to find relevant prospects. 

Reach out to the customers whose opinions you value. Ask if they have colleagues in the industry who may need to improve their security and access control. Offer a referral bonus for those prospects who become customers. 

You may also want to test targeted marketing campaigns to find qualified leads. Zero in on a niche segment of your audience so you’re able to focus your messaging on those prospects. This helps you keep audiences engaged so you can move them through the sales process.

3. Decipher sales efficiency to improve pipeline management

Your team needs to select tools that integrate with the existing software you use. This connection will allow you to better focus on the right targets and prepare for meetings. Focus on implementing  tech capabilities that give visibility to your pipeline and help identify customers to cross-sell and upsell. 

Another way to do this is by connecting your CRM to a sales acceleration tool provides you with one source of truth. Your insights and contacts are synced across both platforms. That eliminates redundant work and potential data silos across your organization. 

For example, if you reach out to a prospect and they ask to talk later in the year, they may slip through the cracks. But with a strong CRM, you leave yourself a reminder with the appropriate notes right in your CRM. That information will be waiting for you when the time is right, giving you a stronger chance of closing that deal.

4. Lock your market share down

You need to edge out the competition to maintain your status as a successful access control sales team. As a sales leader, you should have clear and constant insight into customer, sales, and property data in one platform. 

Your team uses this information to create effective sales campaigns. This wealth of data will allow you to customize how you position yourself against different competitors. You’ll have the chance to grow your market share with this information.

Convergint leveraged these tactics to grow 30 percent year-over-year with Convex. Sales leader Sharla Hardin said the organization locked its market share down by completing a competitive SWOT analysis for each business unit, vertical market, and solution set. 

Their sales team knows exactly which strengths to highlight to set them apart from the competition. The company saw quick growth after implementing this strategy—stating Convex paid for itself in only six hours.

5. Improve security access control offering

One of the best ways to level up your security sales team is by improving your security access control offering.

The commercial security market is on the rise and is expected to rise to $352 billion by 2030. Major technological advancements in the field fuel that growth. And you can bring those new solutions into your own company’s offering to increase revenue.

For example, cloud-based access and monitoring solutions are becoming more popular. This provides facility managers with the ability to monitor, store, and back up access control data via the cloud.

As data is stored remotely, it won’t be lost if there’s an incident on site. Many systems also include multi-factor authentication to keep systems and buildings more secure.

6. Upgrade your sales team’s tech stack

A talented commercial security sales team may be key to closing more deals, but a great tech stack will elevate them to a new level. Equipping your team with the right solutions gives them the necessary insights to close more installs and increase recurring monthly revenue (RMR). 

Stanley Security experienced the importance of a solid tech stack firsthand. To stay ahead of the competition, VP of Global Sales Operations Jack Snodgrass realized his organization needed digital tools to sell in a remote world. 

After beefing up his team’s tech stack with Convex, Snodgrass gained more visibility into the whitespace on territory maps. His reps also communicate better with existing customers. 

New technology allows them to do this and more. They rely on their CRM, contact a prospect with a targeted message, and connect the right customers with the right message and the right media.

Set your sales team up for success with Convex

By pre-qualifying leads, using effective sales strategies, optimizing pipeline management through CRM integration, locking down market share, improving access control offerings, and upgrading tech stacks—sales teams enhance their performance and forge strong client relationships.

These strategic approaches empower sales professionals to excel in the dynamic domain of security access control and unlock growth opportunities within the thriving industry. By staying innovative and customer-focused, sales teams can continue to thrive amidst technological advancements and changing market demands.

Funneling your contact and building data into one platform lets you supercharge your sales efforts. Convex offers industry-leading lead qualification, efficient pipeline management, and the ability to lock down market share.

See a demo on how you can access key insights to lock in recurring monthly revenue with Convex.

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Originally published on September 11, 2023 Updated on October 3, 2023

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