A Closer Look: Summer Release Field Notes

At Convex, we’re on a mission to serve as the most important partner to commercial services businesses. Our Commercial Services Platform, accelerates revenue growth through a powerful combination of data, insights, and applications. We know that a successful start to the sales process is foundational to achieving revenue goals, which is why we partner with revenue leaders every day to:

  1. Plan go-to-market strategies by analyzing markets for priority customer segments and applying these insights to design and staff your sales organization;
  1. Target key segments by profiling markets for targets that matter most to our partner’s business goals and filling customer gaps and white space opportunities;
  1. Engage prospects by enriching customer databases and enabling our partners to pursue targets intelligently, with workflows purpose-built for the industry.

Here’s What’s on the Truck This Summer

Staying true to our mission, we’re excited to extend our platform’s ability to accelerate growth and help revenue teams succeed by enabling them to:

  • Close in on your ideal customers at scale with the Convex Intelligence Engine
  • Connect with decision makers faster with Mobile Numbers
  • Map your equipment to strategically grow existing accounts using Assets
  • Manage property-centric sales activities with Custom Fields for accounts and opportunities
  • Increase the odds of reaching potential customers with Contact Accuracy

We’ll take a deeper dive into each of the new products and features included in our Convex Summer Release!

Close in on Your Ideal Customers at Scale, Faster

Intelligence Engine (Available Today)
Uncover ideal customers and fill data gaps with the Intelligence Engine

Many of the Commercial Services revenue leaders we meet want two things: (1) relevant, reliable, and actionable data and (2) a prospect pipeline full of ideal customer profiles. It’s easier said than done.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, over 75% of companies lack a comprehensive view of their customers, which hinders prospecting efforts. Without accurate, up-to-date property and customer insights, identifying prospects with the right information is unnecessarily hard work for leaders and sales teams alike. 

No more. The Intelligence Engine empowers sales, marketing, and operations leaders to uncover ideal customers and easily connect to the most valuable market opportunities. Teams can access insights,,drive sales, and make better decisions with less effort! 

  • With Enhance, we integrate property and contact data into your database so your team can access the property and contact insights to optimize business decisions. 
  • Using Target, revenue leaders can plan, target, and engage with ideal customer profiles across their entire market. 

In the words of our VP of Product, Michael Chou, “you define your ideal customer profile based on location, property, building, and contact properties and the Intelligence Engine will leverage the power of the Convex Data Lake to deliver you targeted accounts at scale.” 

You define your ideal customer profile based on location, property, building, and contact properties and the Intelligence Engine will leverage the power of the Convex Data Lake to deliver you targeted accounts at scale.”

Michael Chou, Convex VP of Product

This unique and powerful solution empowers revenue leaders to:

  • Segment prospects across property, business, and contact attributes;
  • Help sales teams spend less time researching and targeting and more time connecting with the right prospects;
  • Automate property and contact data entry to more reliably and quickly connect with the right targets;
  • Identify customers outside your existing tool stack to uncover whitespace and grow.

But don’t just take our word for it! One of our partners, Emilie Gorzoch, Johnson Controls Director of Digital Solutions for Fire Protection quickly saw the value of this solution: “what most excites me about the Convex Intelligence Engine is the ease of accessing information for sales prospecting.” And her organization is reaping the benefits: “The enhancement of enriched leads creates a faster turn-around time in the sales cycle and helps to drive our pipeline growth.”

Veni Vidi Vici.

Connect Directly with Decision Makers

Mobile Numbers (Available Today)
Mobile numbers provide the most direct path to property decision makers

According to the Pew Research Center, 97% of Americans own a cellphone, which is almost always on hand. Too often our partners get stuck using mainline phone numbers that lead to an answering service or a “gate-keeper” who says they’ll “pass along the message.” 

To help reps connect with decision makers faster, we’re providing mobile phone numbers for contacts in Atlas. This direct line to decision makers will empower reps to connect with prospects from wherever they are. This new feature enables Atlas users to:

  • Increase the likelihood of a successful outreach by using a direct phone number;
  • Save time by connecting with contacts faster;
  • Gain direct access to buyers and decision makers.

Mobile Numbers through Atlas shortens your path to success and optimizes how you engage and intelligently pursue prospects, reducing the time it takes to connect with decision makers and increasing the odds of reaching your goals. Time is short and the stakes are high.

Fortune favors the bold.

Map Your Equipment to Strategically Grow Existing Accounts

Assets (Available Today)
Target your installed base for cross-sell and upsell opportunities with Assets

Too often equipment information is disconnected from the prospecting journey, making it hard for sales reps to target and intelligently pursue prospects within their existing customer base. This is a significant revenue driver for most companies, because it’s “3x easier to sell an existing customer than a new customer.” (Forbes). 

With Assets, teams can organize and map their installed equipment base across properties. Users can add, search, filter, and view assets as well as organize and customize asset categories. In combination with valuable property data, this new feature allows revenue teams to:

  • Plan territories and prioritize property segments within the install base;
  • Focus on high-value cross-sell, upsell, and win-back opportunities;
  • Target ideal customers quickly;
  • Reinvest time searching for equipment into time selling equipment;
  • Build a better rapport with prospects with quick and accessible equipment and property insights at your fingertips.

We want teams to productively grow their existing accounts, making the process so easy that new hires can become effective quickly and reduce their sales rep ramp time by 50%.

Map your path to success.

Better Manage Property-centric Sales Activities

Accounts & Opportunities: Custom Fields (Available Today)
Engage effectively using Custom Fields in Accounts and Opportunities Management

Every company manages their accounts and opportunities differently. Revenue leaders and reps alike need solutions that embrace their unique approach, particularly when it comes to engagement. This is why, according to Gartner, 92% of sales development organizations rank sales engagement platforms as critical. Recognizing this at Convex, we’ve released Custom Fields to help sales organizations store and organize relevant information, so it’s quickly accessible when pursuing accounts and opportunities.

For customers with access, Atlas allows users to create accounts and opportunities in their sales pipeline along with custom fields. This enables teams to:

  • Track all relevant data about accounts and opportunities in one place;
  • Manage company specific insights and improve prospect engagement;
  • Contribute vital information to the business;
  • Review prospect activities logs quickly and efficiently when working accounts.

Adding Custom Fields to accounts and opportunities helps to ensure successful activity management across your organization. This helps reps onboard and increase productivity using resources that effectively engage with prospects to win more business.

Done and dusted.

Increase the Odds of Reaching Your Prospects

Contact Accuracy (Available Today)
Home in on the right targets with Contact Accuracy

According to Gartner, connecting with a prospect requires 18 or more dials, which becomes much more difficult when reaching out to low quality contacts. At Convex, we know that our partners’ reps need insights to be successful, so we exposed insights on each contact’s predicted accuracy to help users feel more confident in their prospecting outreach using Atlas.

Contact Accuracy is an AI algorithm that shows how confident we are that a contact is reachable and still employed at the organization on file.  With the Convex Contact Accuracy feature in Atlas, users can:

  • Filter out our lowest-accuracy contact information to pursue prospects intelligently and bolster confidence;
  • Get time back in their day and work more efficiently. 

To help you make better decisions, prospect productively and provide a best-in-class experience, we never provide contact information with an accuracy score below 70%.

Deus ex machina.

We hope you’re excited to start taking advantage of all the products and features in this summer release! If you’d like to talk with an individual about our solutions, schedule a demo or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Seeing Is Believing

To learn more about how Convex can help your organization plan, target, and engage with prospects, sign up for our Revenue Acceleration webinar on Thursday, September 8th at 11am PT / 2pm ET.

Originally published on August 17, 2022 Updated on September 27, 2022

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