A Closer Look: Winter Release Field Notes

Engage High-Value Targets this Winter Release 

At Convex, we provide data, insights, and applications specifically designed to accelerate revenue growth for service providers in the business of buildings. Our Commercial Services Platform enables sales and marketing teams to more impactfully plan go-to-market strategies, target key segments, and engage prospects. This Winter Release, we’re providing more ways to connect with high-value targets and increase market share in just a few hours.

Here’s What’s on the Truck This Winter

We’re helping teams break the ice this Winter by bringing phone and email capabilities, artificial intelligence recommendations, and state-of-the-art mapping technology in Atlas. With these improvements, revenue teams can

  • Connect with high-value targets directly from Atlas using Engage Dialer
  • Streamline prospect communications with our new Engage Email
  • Drive sales pipeline forward, all from one convenient location with Targets
  • Identify properties with your target contacts onsite with Contact Attribute Map Filters
  • Discover ideal contacts for commercial services using Recommended Contacts

We’ll take a dive into each of the new features included in our Convex Winter Release below!

Call Prospects Directly from Atlas

Engage Dialer (Available Today for Early Access)
Reach property decision makers over the phone and generate service opportunities

Commercial service sales teams rely on the phone to generate leads and set up appointments, because it works. Almost 70% of buyers accept cold calls from new providers (Crunchbase). Since our users already find high-value leads in Atlas, we introduced phone dialing capabilities to help connect with leads in the same place.

With a click, users can make unlimited phone calls from Atlas and automatically record call activities. Moreover, we’ve provided space for call notes and the ability to make your number show up as the caller ID. With Engage Dialer, Atlas users can

  • Build rapport with property decision makers using unlimited minutes
  • Track call activities and stay organized during outreach
  • Lead calls with actionable intelligence on your screen
  • Import your phone number to personalize calls and get called back

The Engage Dialer makes it easy to engage prospects right where you find them in order to book meetings and close opportunities with building owners, supervisors, and more.

Streamline Messaging to Targets

Engage Email (Available Today for Early Access)
Know what to write and when to write it, using email in Atlas

Successful sales teams communicate 4.4x more with prospects over email (Gong). Most of our users enjoy greater productivity working across fewer tools (outlook, web browsers, scratch paper, etc.), and connecting with property decision makers over email. This is why we’re bringing your email into Atlas.

This mission-critical feature empowers users to not only manage emails directly from Atlas, but also track email activities and read receipts! All from Atlas, users now can

  • Manage your email interactions with prospects and customers
  • Track prospect email history to manage sales pipeline
  • Personalize emails with the property and contact intelligence at your fingertips
  • Know when prospects read your emails to plan your outreach

By integrating email into Atlas, reps more effectively reach new business opportunities, book more meetings, and increase their productivity.

An Important Update Regarding Engage Dialer and Email

To continue providing the best experience for our customers, the Engage Add-On package (dialer with unlimited calls, e-mail integration, read receipts, and activity tracker) will be available at no cost for the duration of the early access period. Contact your Convex representative for more information.

Propel Your Pipeline From One Place

Targets (Available Today)
A convenient digital workspace to focus and capture market share

Atlas is an one-of-a-kind solution for commercial service sales teams to build target lists of properties and contacts. By introducing Targets, we’ve built a central location to see all of your target properties, facility managers, building owners, and more. We’ve also combined our email and dialer capabilities too, so sellers can work through leads at scale and generate more sales opportunities.

  • Reach more opportunities, faster
  • Simplify where you engage prospects
  • Track all of your targets in one convenient location

Check out this intuitive workspace where you can research and connect with high-value prospects and close more service opportunities.

Find Properties With the Right Contacts

Map Filters Contact Attributes (Available Today for Early Access)
Search properties based on job title, industry, and other important contact attributes

Better than any other intelligence provider, we know that commercial service revenue teams want to search for target properties and people. So why not help our customers find properties based on people working at those properties? This state-of-the-art feature is uniquely Convex: we are the only solution empowering sellers to find properties based on the type of contacts inside.

  • Identify properties with employees from target industries
  • Find buildings with contacts from ideal companies
  • Prioritize site visits where facility managers and other target buyers work

We aim to make selling into properties as easy as possible, and we understand the unique needs of our commercial service clients.

Uncover Contacts, Sell Faster

Convex Recommended Contacts (Beta Available Today)
Artificial Intelligence recommendations discover commercial service buying personas

Artificial Intelligence has the power to point people in the right direction. As the go-to technology partner for commercial service businesses, we wanted to combine our expertise in artificial intelligence and building services to offer a commercial services specific recommendation engine to accelerate your sales cycle.

Our AI models continually analyze and identify high-value contacts and show those recommendations to help you: 

  • Save time searching for ideal contacts
  • Increase the likelihood of connecting with the right buyer
  • Identify targets meaningful to your service sales cycle

We’re always looking for ways to make prospecting more efficient, and generating opportunities and winning properties just got a lot easier. Search, contact, book, repeat.

We hope you’re excited to start taking advantage of all the products and features in this Winter Release! If you’d like to talk with a product expert about our solutions, schedule a demo or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Seeing Is Believing

If you’d like to learn more about us or see these new features in action, sign up for our webinar, Commercial Services Platform: Winter Release ‘23, on Wednesday, April 5th at 11am PT / 2pm ET.

Originally published on March 15, 2023 Updated on April 5, 2023

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