A Closer Look: Spring Release Field Notes

Track Activities And Identify High-Value Targets This Spring Release 

At Convex, we provide data, insights, and applications specifically designed to accelerate revenue growth for service providers in the business of buildings. Our Commercial Services Platform enables sales and marketing teams to plan go-to-market strategies, target key segments, and engage prospects. This Spring Release, we’re providing more ways to identify high-value company sites, connect with decision makers, source opportunities, and report performance.

Here’s What’s on the Truck This Spring

We’re introducing new features this Spring to keep business blooming for our customers. Users of all levels have something to look forward to both from their desk and on-the-go. With these improvements, revenue teams can

  • Track prospect touch points with engagement activity reports
  • Email prospects from any Atlas region using Engage Email
  • Sell smarter from anywhere with updates to Atlas Mobile
  • Identify ideal companies and their sites with company search

We’ll take a dive into each of the new features included in our Convex Spring Release below!

See Key Top-of-Funnel Activities Across Your Team

Reports: Engagement Activity (Available Today)
Reports provides visibility into team performance across prospecting, engagement, and opportunities.

As the old adage goes, what’s important gets measured. This spring, we’ve introduced a new reporting module that allows users and managers to track prospecting, engagement, and opportunity activities. If your team uses our engagement features, we’ll automatically record your engagement activities. This ensures you can track every prospect touchpoint, from the very first outreach!

Engagement activity reports are easy-to-use and provide custom views, so Atlas managers and users can

  • Track progress toward key engagement activities
  • Identify areas to improve performance and emphasize prospecting activities
  • Forecast performance based on activity trends
  • See performance drivers and encourage greater engagement within teams

By using Atlas Reports, teams get better visibility into performance and can optimize their top-of-funnel.

Email From Any Atlas Region

Engage Email Multi-Region Support (Available Today for Early Access)
Use email in Atlas even when switching between regions

In the Winter Release, we unlocked the ability to send emails directly from Atlas. We’ve updated our Email feature to allow users to seamlessly send and receive email across any region they prospect in. Users can also

  • Track prospecting email activities sent through Atlas
  • Leverage read receipts and reach prospects at the right time
  • Book more first appointments

For our customers who want to get started just follow the 3 easy steps in this user guide to connect your email: it takes less than a minute!

Sell Smarter, From Anywhere

Atlas Mobile (Available Today)
Identify leads on the go, all from the palm of your hand

It’s no secret that Atlas changes the game for commercial services sales teams and can increase market share in just a few hours. Customers can take Atlas wherever they are with our Atlas Mobile application for iPhone.

We’ve updated our mobile application, so users can easily find themselves on the map, call mobile phone numbers, add property information, and move tasks around easily. With these updates, Atlas Mobile users

  • Get better visibility into territories with improved map controls
  • Reach decision makers’ directly with mobile phone numbers
  • Give more context to territories and the properties in them
  • Stay on top of activities in the field with intuitive functionality

With Atlas Mobile, reps can easily find opportunities in the field, manage their work, and generate more business. To download our Mobile Application for iPhone, scan the QR code above or click here to go to the app store.

Uncover Company Sites Across Your Market

Company Search (Available in the coming weeks for Early Access)
Search for ideal companies and assess their property footprint

According to HubSpot, organizations with a strong ideal customer profile (ICP) achieve 68% higher account win rates. In the past, we’ve helped our customers focus on their ideal properties and contacts. Today, customers can home in on their ideal companies using Company Search.

Users can search for target companies based on name, location, industry, number of locations, employee count, and revenue. After applying your desired filters, we’ll provide a list of company locations and rich intelligence to help you determine the best accounts to engage. With Company Search, Atlas users can

  • Identify companies that fit your target account profile
  • Track tenant locations and discover a company’s footprint
  • Find decision makers by company site
  • Reach companies with relevant insights

Company search offers teams more ways to identify ideal target accounts and a means to prospect more efficiently. Additionally, with data imports and crm integrations, customers have a fast way to increase share of wallet with existing accounts.

Company search will become available to customers in the coming weeks. Please reach out to your customer success team for more details.

We hope you’re excited to start taking advantage of all the products and features in this Spring Release! If you’d like to talk with an expert about our solutions, schedule a demo or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Seeing Is Believing

If you’d like to learn more about us or see these new features in action, sign up for our webinar, Commercial Services Platform: Spring Release ‘23, on Thursday, June 1st at 11am PT / 2pm ET.

Originally published on May 15, 2023 Updated on July 18, 2023

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