5 Ways Commercial Service Sales Professionals Improve Efficiency

Identifying and reaching the right decision-makers is critical to success. However, outdated lead identification processes, such as clover-leafing or searching the web for information, often result in wasted time and effort in sales.

The consequences of failing to connect with the right individuals include missed opportunities and inefficient resource allocation, causing frustration and a slump in your sales efforts.

To succeed, focus on targeted prospecting and understand your prospects’ goals and pain points. Work closely with your marketing team to optimize outreach and connect with high-quality leads.

Relationships are critical to commercial service sales success. Mastering the art of effective outreach helps sellers build relationships.

This article explores the top strategies successful sales personnel use to gain and keep clients.

Discover the intricacies of crafting a robust sales approach, from making a strong first impression to leveraging data-driven tools for maximum results.

1. Align solutions and problems

Your first task is to craft a strong sales strategy. Success hinges on two core principles: personalization and value proposition. Tailor your approach to meet each decision-maker’s unique needs, and you’ll build a compelling connection.

In a 2023 Statista survey focusing on B2B marketing, 30 percent of respondents considered addressing buyer pain points as crucial. Another 23 percent rated the communication of the value proposition as a top priority. While this data comes from marketing professionals, the principles likely resonate with sales decision-makers as well. 

If you’re selling roofing service packages and cost is important to your customer, for example, think about how your solution can reduce maintenance costs, lower heating and cooling costs by reflecting sunlight, and prevent interior damage to the building. It’s critical that you connect the challenges facing your customers with the benefits of your solution.

The key takeaway is to focus on personalization and value proposition. Doing so not only shapes an effective strategy but also builds trust and sets you apart in a competitive field.

2. Make a powerful first impression

In sales, words matter, and first impressions are crucial. Nail your 15-second pitch to avoid common cold-calling mistakes. Choose the right time to call by doing your homework first.

However, successful lead generation isn’t just about calls. Most buyers (80 percent) prefer email contact. Keep emails effective by including well-researched details in your message and maintaining a personal touch.

Successful prospecting emails in commercial services should include details about the contact’s role, the company’s recent projects, and relevant property information such as square footage or permit history.

If you’re in the business of building data, go deeper. Mention specific permit data and building types to show you’ve done your research and to boost your credibility.

When equipped with information about your business, your target company, the property, and your target contact, generative AI offers a huge efficiency boost for commercial services sellers.

3. Avoid the spray-and-pray approach

Savvy businesses recognize that success lies in strategic precision, not exhausting efforts where they won’t be successful. By prioritizing targeted prospecting, you establish a streamlined path to connect with leads brimming with potential. 

This strategy demands personalized communication. You must be familiar with the individual prospects’ goals and pain points and be willing to articulate how you will support them. Intentional communication drives interactions that are relevant and impactful.

Collaborating closely with your marketing teams improves efforts and minimizes resource waste. Instead of casting a wide net, target a niche group with interest. 

Researching the demographics of these groups will save your team precious time and money spent elsewhere. To successfully segment your target audiences, commercial service organizations benefit from grouping prospects by property details such as building type or stories and whether or not a building is occupied by multiple tenants.

4. Leverage data, software, and automation

Streamlining your workflow with Convex unlocks your team’s full potential. Use advanced filters to sift through contact and property data, pinpointing the leads that truly matter.

Convex adapts to your needs, whether you’re interested in specific property types, company profiles, or contacts onsite.

While evaluating potential sites, leverage Convex’s map view and satellite imagery for an in-depth analysis of the building and its surroundings. This feature gives you a visual edge when it’s time to make a pitch.

Before reaching out to contacts, gather intelligence from social profiles like LinkedIn and available company and building information. This prep work helps you make an impactful first impression and tailors your solution to their specific challenges.

Make your outreach effortless by using Convex’s built-in dialing and emailing features. Every interaction gets automatically tracked, and read receipts notify you of the best time to follow up.

As an alternative workflow, you can even qualify a lead through Convex before pushing the details to your CRM, ensuring you focus only on the most promising opportunities.

5. Research the building and purchase history

In-depth research is key to sales success. Knowing a building’s purchase history equips you with the facts you need to make a compelling pitch for your service.

Successful sellers are adaptable. They use solutions that keep them informed on decision-makers. This ensures their pitches are accurate and reasonable.

Analyzing service history helps you craft what you will offer in the future. By doing your homework, you can proactively address concerns and shape pitches that alleviate reservations and hesitations.

Using research to craft your pitch is key, but avoid leading with assumptions that may not accurately reflect the client’s experience or needs.It’s no small task, especially starting from scratch. Leveraging the Convex platform transforms an uphill battle to reach commercial service sales decision-makers into a walk in the park.

“What might have taken a few hours can now be accomplished in less than an hour … I don’t even need to leave the interface to make calls and find decision-makers.”

Sam Cain
Business Development Executive, Marsden

Leverage Convex to streamline efficiency

As you continue to put effort into keeping up with the changing landscape of sales, you must constantly seek ways to improve your commercial services sales efficiency. By embracing Atlas, sales professionals will elevate their prospecting strategies and conquer the multifaceted terrain of modern sales. 

This platform streamlines processes, propelling interactions to new heights of productivity and commercial services sales efficiency. Whether tailoring communication to individual needs, mastering the power of persistence, or researching the building’s history, Atlas provides the solution for successful sales outreach. 

Try this revolutionary software today!

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Originally published on October 26, 2023 Updated on October 27, 2023

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