A Closer Look: Winter Release Field Notes

Find High-Value Targets and Build High-Impact Campaigns

At Convex, we provide data, insights, and applications specifically designed to accelerate revenue growth for service providers of commercial buildings. Our Commercial Services Platform enables sales and marketing teams to more impactfully plan go-to-market strategies, target ideal customer profiles, and engage prospects. In this Winter Release, we’ve unlocked new workflows to speed up your search for the perfect lead and supercharge sales and marketing campaigns outside of Atlas.

Here’s What’s on the Truck This Winter

It’s time to thaw those pipelines with functionality designed specifically for marketers and sales operations. With AI-powered intent data, Convex surfaces leads that are actively researching commercial services. Now, teams can easily work those leads in other systems. We’ve also updated our contact search experience and mobile app, so sellers will get to the right property decision maker… faster than ever. This winter, teams will:

  • Find prospects actively researching multiple commercial services topics
  • Build high-impact campaigns and export to your CRM or Marketing Automation platform
  • Speed up searches for the right decision maker
  • Optimize route plans from their iPhone or iPad

Keep reading for a deeper review of all the new products and features included in our Convex Winter Release below.

Reach Prospects Showing Interest Across All of Your Services

Convex Signals (Available today, additional purchase required)
Signals provides an easy-to-use user interface empowering sellers to prioritize active prospects across multiple commercial service areas

Commercial Services revenue teams love Signals: it tells you what company sites are researching your services! That’s why we’ve made two important workflow updates to empower teams to (1) track Signals across multiple service areas and (2) save search filters to more quickly find ideal customers. With these powerful enhancements, teams will

  • Find companies showing intent across all of their service areas, every week
  • Reach accounts early and before competitors
  • Prioritize high-potential accounts and manage time better
  • Personalize engagement and lead with the right solutions
  • Uncover existing customer needs and reduce churn risk

Winterize your revenue strategy and turn cold contacts into hot prospects. With Signals, teams report a 2x to 5x increase in conversion and huge productivity increases: build pipeline, shorten sales cycles, and accelerate revenue growth.

Too good to be true? Schedule a demo and see it in action.

Build High-Impact Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Target Lists (Available today for Early Access, additional purchase required)
Build lists of company sites actively researching your solutions, enrich with the right contacts, and export into your platform of choice.

Marketers and sales operations professionals have sometimes asked us, how can I execute campaigns outside of your platform? To address this question, we’ve unlocked Target Lists, which allows these users to design powerful, highly targeted campaigns and execute them in a CRM or marketing platform.

With Signals, we’ll identify company sites actively researching your services. You select the sites to build your target list, enrich that list with ideal contacts, and export those contacts & sites into a CSV file. With your target list in hand, execute the campaign from your Marketing Automation or CRM platform: repeat. With this enhanced workflow, marketing & operations professionals

  • Focus on the commercial services leads that matter right now
  • Easily scale searches for property decision makers
  • Execute impactful, targeted campaigns in any platform

Streamline your pipeline. Develop sales and marketing campaigns that drive results, and “sleigh” your goals each and every week! Learn more and talk with an expert today.

Accelerate Your Search for the Right Decision Maker

Enhanced Contact Search (Available today)
Search beyond the property in your hunt for the right decision maker

Sometimes commercial service sellers struggle to find the right contact: maybe the right decision maker works somewhere else? We’re determined to clear roadblocks for our customers, so we’ve introduced Enhanced Contact Search! This one-of-a-kind functionality empowers Atlas users to uplevel their contact search. Can’t find who you’re looking for onsite? Search more easily beyond the property and find the right contact faster than ever!

This powerful solution empowers teams to

  • Expand their search across the entire company directory
  • Find contacts beyond a target property
  • Assess the contact footprint at a glance
Look up contacts onsite and nationally at your target accounts

Now sellers can more easily navigate accounts with centralized decision makers (i.e. procurement) and push opportunities to closure. Winter storms won’t slow us down – streamline your search and win!

Get the Most Out of Your Time in the Field

Atlas Mobile (Available today)
More efficiently plan your sales routes for your campaigns

We’ve updated our mobile application to include our route planning module, so sellers accomplish more in the field. This powerful functionality helps field sellers plan their site visits, displays the fastest routes, and allows on-the-fly adjustments to plans, including adding stops.

For our customers who prefer a bigger screen in the field, we’ve also released Atlas for iPad. Yes, all of the Atlas Mobile functionality that you know and love… adapted for the big screen!

Atlas for iPad available today

Atlas Mobile empowers teams to sell smarter from anywhere.

  • Target ideal properties nearby or on the way to an appointment
  • Research contact and property profiles while on the go
  • Update your sales pipeline from anywhere

With these updates, teams prospect more efficiently from the field, track pipeline on the go, and improve sales performance from the palm of their hand. To download our mobile application, scan the QR code below or find it in the App Store.

Scan the QR code to download Atlas Mobile for iPhone

We hope you’re excited to start taking advantage of all the products and features in this Winter Release! If you’d like to talk with an expert about our solutions, schedule a demo or reach out to your customer success representative.

Seeing Is Believing

If you’d like to learn more about Convex, intent data, or see these new features in action, sign up for one of our webinars:

Current Customer? Sign Up Here for the Webinar on Tuesday, March 5th at 11am PT / 2pm ET.

New to Convex? Sign Up Here for the Webinar on Wednesday, March 6th at 11am PT / 2pm ET.

Originally published on February 13, 2024 Updated on February 13, 2024

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