6 Ways HVAC Sales Teams Ramp Up Revenue

Are you looking to supercharge your revenue in HVAC sales?

Look no further.

In this article, we’ll unveil six ways to propel your HVAC business to new heights.

By prequalifying leads, employing personalized communication, offering enticing promotions, leveraging customer data, and streamlining pipeline management, you’ll unlock the door to success in the competitive HVAC market.

Whether you’re a seasoned HVAC professional or just starting, these powerful tactics will help you optimize your sales process and build lasting customer relationships.

Get ready to revolutionize your HVAC sales performance and watch your revenue heat up.

1. Prequalify leads to ramp-up conversion rate

Don’t waste your reps’ time on cold leads that don’t fit your ideal customer profile. Instead, install a thoughtful systematic lead qualification process to target key segments.

A prequalified lead is a potential customer who meets a set of predetermined criteria that determines them to be a fit for your HVAC systems. These include contact criteria such as job title, management level, property criteria such as building size, permitted work history, and if the space is owner-occupied. 

Lead generation is challenging. Only 44 percent of salespeople are satisfied with the quality of their inbound leads. But with the right solution, you can execute custom searches to find new opportunities at scale. 

Pre-qualified prospects are moved further down the funnel at an accelerated speed. That allows your team to maximize efficiency and revenue generation. 

2. Utilize Atlas for effective prospect research

Selling smarter is the key to ramping up revenue and HVAC teams can do that with Atlas by Convex.

Atlas allows you to increase your qualified opportunities with just a few clicks. You can use Atlas to find on-site contacts, research them, see the tops of buildings, and contact onsite decision-makers right through the platform.

Our customers consider Atlas to be an important factor in increasing HVAC sales. In 2017, Comfort Systems USA Southwest was already a successful company. But, they still had $100 billion worth of potential install base to go after.

The organization’s decision-makers realized more effective ways to capture new business. They decided to lean on Atlas to help close that gap and then grew to multimillion-dollar revenue within four years. 

3. Personalized communication

Commercial HVAC sales teams need to understand that closing a deal is more than a transaction. It’s about building relationships. Customers want to connect with a responsive and empathetic salesperson. An inside or field sales rep can show these attributes by practicing personalized pitch. 

78 percent of people said personalized communication would make them more likely to buy again from that company. A simple email will do the trick. Extra and consistent communication tailored to a person’s needs leads to loyal customers.

Personalized communication shows your company cares about customer preferences, needs, and feedback. It also creates a sense of trust and rapport between the customer and the company, which fosters loyalty and retention.

This increases customer satisfaction, engagement, retention, and referrals. Therefore, it’s important for companies to invest in personalized communication strategies to enhance customer loyalty and profitability.

The stronger relationships are, the more likely customers will be to stick with your team for the long haul. Plus, they will pass positive word-of-mouth reviews of your company along to friends and colleagues along the way.

4. Promotions and incentives

There’s nothing wrong with rewarding positive behavior. In fact, positive emotions help people to retain information better. The good news is that you can use these tactics on both sides of HVAC sales. 

If you’re looking to motivate your team, offer extra bonuses for hitting certain goals. Attach these goals to a specific number, such as “increase service attach rates by 20 percent.” That will allow you to better track individual reps’ progress against the goal. 

You can also share promotions with prospects to nudge the sales process along. Offer referral bonuses to those who recommend your products to friends or colleagues. You can also provide a limited-time offer if they buy an HVAC system by a specific date. If customers want to buy and salespeople are more motivated to sell, you’ll see revenue increase.

5. Leverage customer data for targeted HVAC sales campaigns

Combining equipment and service records with external sources allows you to hyper-target your HVAC sales. Access to property data and the appropriate contacts gives you the tools for growth. 

Your marketing team can produce more relevant campaigns through better audience segmentation. Your representatives will be able to time outreach with expiring warranties or approaching maintenance windows. They can also assess the right time for upsell or cross-sell opportunities. 

For example, by combining building age, onsite contacts, and equipment warranty records, service providers can quickly and easily develop campaigns to retrofit properties. The right software solution can comb through building data and help you win your market.

The right tech solution will help you reach out to decision-makers who are ready or in the market for a new system.

6. Streamline pipeline management for seamless sales flow

Proper pipeline management can lead to an increase in conversion rates and improved conversion efficiency. But without it, you don’t have much visibility into what your reps are doing. For example, you won’t be able to have eyes on new hires who are struggling to hit HVAC sales quotas.

Implementing a CRM for territory mapping and finding the right targets will provide you with more visibility into what’s going on. Sales reps previously had to toggle between multiple, disconnected prospecting tools. They only needed to check in when a prospect is far down the pipeline. There was no visibility into the challenges and successes that got them there.

But when pipeline activities are managed on a leaderboard, you’ll be able to see which of your reps’ strategies are working and what your team as a whole can learn. Those insights allow you to boost your revenue and see which reps may need coaching.

Boost HVAC revenue with Convex

To boost revenue in HVAC sales, it’s crucial to focus on prequalified leads, personalized communication, promotions, leveraging customer data, and streamlining pipeline management.

By adopting these strategies and utilizing effective tools like Atlas by Convex, HVAC teams can optimize their sales process, increase efficiency, and build lasting customer relationships. With a smart and targeted approach, success in the HVAC industry is within reach.

Successful HVAC sellers can see the buildings, companies, and contacts in their market, and organize their top-of-funnel sales motion in order to win more opportunities—that can all be done in one convenient location. Convex keeps you organized so sales flow continuously. To learn more, schedule a demo today.

Originally published on September 11, 2023 Updated on September 11, 2023

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