7 Ways to Close More Commercial Cleaning Sales

Is your commercial cleaning sales team on track to meet this year’s revenue goals? It’s easy for team members to get bogged down with endless cold calls and leads that go nowhere. Even when you reach a promising prospect, ensuring you’re prepared to speak to their unique needs is essential to closing the sale.

Start setting up your salespeople for success now. In this article, we’ll share tactical ways your team can win more deals. With the right strategies and solutions, the pipeline possibilities are endless.

1. Build strong relationships through after-sales service

Communication shouldn’t stop once a contract is won. Check in with your customers and encourage them to reach out with any questions post-service. Personalize these efforts by tailoring your conversations to pain points they mentioned in discovery calls. Soliciting their feedback helps improve your offerings and shows you care about their business.

These open lines of communication can lead to referrals and repeat sales. Keep a record of these touchpoints for additional insight into your customer lifecycle.

2. Engage in continuous training for sales teams

The commercial cleaning industry is evolving, but customers expect you to understand their specific needs. Experts predict that technology and exceptional service will be top-of-mind in 2024.

Ensure your team stays up to date on these trends. Conduct general training sessions as well. Effective sales coaching can improve win rates by as much as 29 percent. Start with the basics and offer sessions on mock calls and sales pitches.

An established training program will include benchmarks and badges specific to the industry, offering incentives to keep your team eager to learn. Additionally, ensure your team is equipped with information necessary to build profitable and competitive commercial cleaning service estimates.

3. Provide clear ROI illustrations

You know that a cleaner workspace benefits a business. Demonstrate that to your potential customer. A study shows “that 94 percent of workers reported feeling more productive in a clean workspace.” When a workplace is clean, employees will be at their best and less likely to get sick. Healthy employees are happy employees — that leads to higher retention and more productivity. 

It’s not hard to see how a business profits from hygienic work areas. Before talking with prospects, come prepared with a list of benefits that are relevant to the decision-makers industry. They’ll remember you long after the conversation ends. 

4. Showcase client testimonials

Customer testimonials provide the information prospects need to make an informed decision. A stunning 85 percent of people trust online reviews, so check your company’s online reviews to see if they are helping or hurting your efforts.

Always stay connected with customers after a deal has been signed to build a positive relationship (and repeat sales). With their permission, marketing can create and share their testimonials on your website and in case studies. Your team should then be prepared to reference these on calls and follow up with the content for prospects to view on their own.

5. Cover safety and compliance standards

The cleaning services industry is considered one of the most hazardous. Employee safety is a top priority for businesses, which makes it another opportunity to showcase your company’s mutually shared values. Remember, decision-makers are more likely to go into business with organizations they trust. 

Provide examples of how your team follows OSHA janitorial regulations that keep your employees and theirs safe. Explain how your team follows proper lockout and tag-out procedures to protect workers. Mentioning a strong accident-free record and any other safety milestones is also an excellent way to establish credibility during meetings.

6. Highlight eco-friendly cleaning options

Showcase the eco-friendly cleaning products or methods you use. This is often an effective selling point for properties that operate as office space, restaurants, or healthcare services. 

An easy way to see if your prospect prioritizes sustainability is to check their website for a dedicated message or report on the subject. Buildings that have a LEED certification will also have a strong interest in your green commercial cleaning services. 

Don’t forget to highlight your company’s relevant certifications, such as the Green Seal®. Be prepared to provide documented proof of the biodegradable products that are used in your services. That extra effort will separate you from competitors.

7. Streamline prospecting with advanced software

Knowledgeable salespeople and quality cleaning methods are vital to closing deals, and even more effective with technology. When you give your team the right technology, more efficiency, and a strong pipeline, they will stay on target. Convex Atlas is the perfect prospecting solution for commercial services sales teams.

Finding the right opportunities and contact information can be challenging for commercial cleaning sales teams. That changes with Atlas. Team members focus outreach on promising opportunities. Use the map feature to home in on your existing service area and find ideal properties based on size, type, or companies onsite. Drill into the contacts onsite or uplevel your search for all of the right decision makers associated with the building.

Conclusion: Convex helps your team find new leads

Closing sales in the commercial cleaning space can be challenging. Give your team the solution that allows them to find and close business in record time. One of the most immediate ways to increase sales is to implement the right technology.

Convex Atlas is the perfect platform to empower your sales team members. We provide in-depth data for commercial cleaning companies and a highly efficient approach to outbound sales. Contact us to find out how we can simplify the prospecting process for you.

Originally published on March 14, 2024 Updated on March 14, 2024

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