How Atlas and Great Customer Support Add Up to Success for Moreno & Associates

A Cleaner Business Development Process 

Founded by Ernesto Moreno in 1993, Moreno & Associates, Inc., provides building maintenance and janitorial services to California’s Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Ernesto’s founding belief was that clients requiring these services were not receiving quality operational and management services, so he made it his mission to provide them. His daughter, Kyleigh, who currently serves as Moreno’s Director of Sales, Marketing, and Development, shares this business philosophy. 

With nearly 30 years in business, Moreno & Associates has been committed to serving their clients with a growing range of services that include janitorial, disinfection, clean rooms, painting, carpet and floor care, windows, and more. But as their services portfolio has grown, so has their need to reach new clients in their market—which is where Kyleigh Moreno found herself two years ago as the sole person at the company responsible for new business development. 

Wanting to bring on technology to help with prospecting, Kyleigh started with a well-known CRM platform—but soon found it wasn’t a good fit. “It was just too big for us,” she explains. “We weren’t using it, and it is very expensive. I was never confident that I knew what I was doing in that platform. Plus, I never felt as if I was getting adequate customer support.” She also tried managing her process with Excel, but soon found the inability to organize multiple spreadsheets inefficient. 

Pressure mounted to keep new business coming in, but the options Kyleigh had explored to that point just weren’t helping—until a Convex rep connected with her via LinkedIn. Enthusiastic to learn more, she was set up with early access to Atlas that allowed her to take advantage of Convex customer success resources such as a cold-call sprint. It ended up being a turning point for Kyleigh.

“The demo was a very hands-on and engaging part of getting me on board with Atlas,” she says. “I felt from the start I was going to get more out of it than I’d thought I would.” The cold-call sprint in particular provided her with valuable sales and marketing training—something other companies hadn’t taken the time to do. 

Even at this early stage, Kyleigh was impressed by the attentiveness of the Convex customer success team. “I’ve never experienced that type of service with any other company,” she says. “They usually just set you up with the platform and then you’re on your own. That was never the case with Convex.” 

After getting on board with Atlas, what used to be a disorganized, time-consuming prospecting process for Kyleigh was streamlined and improved. Where she would once spend 4-5 hours searching Google and manually entering notes from there into an Excel spreadsheet, she now spends only around an hour in Atlas searching for prospects. She uses the contacts in the prospecting campaigns she has created in Atlas to plan that day’s strategy. “Having Atlas has helped me keep everything in one platform, which I really like,” she says. “The whole interface is very user-friendly. A lot of platforms I’ve seen or even some we’re currently using are antiquated and unintuitive. But with Atlas, it’s very ‘what you see is what you get,’ which makes my day-to-day much easier.”

Kyleigh is a fan of the Atlas People section in particular for pinpointing the right contacts at the properties that she wants to prospect. It allows her to filter for key roles to go from as many as 700,000 contacts to about 100. Combined with the ability to target certain building types and square footage, businesses at the address, permits, and more has been a huge win. “The filtering is very detailed, which I love,” she says. “I prefer to not cast such a wide net because I might get contacts I don’t need as opposed to finding and working with smaller groups that are more in line with our target customer profile.” 

Kyleigh also likes taking a map-based approach to prospecting. All her current clients are highlighted on the map, which gives her the visibility to prospect to adjacent businesses. She can pitch Moreno to these businesses by including the fact that they service a neighboring business and can offer that customer as a reference. 

The map also minimizes a lot of unnecessary upfront work. Kyleigh appreciates that Atlas eliminates the need to jump from Google Maps to LinkedIn searches to a prospect’s website to get the information she needs. “With Atlas, I log into the application, highlight some properties, put them into a campaign, and then work with each individual property and grab the data I need to push to those prospects,” she says.

That data is essential to achieving Moreno’s revenue goals. For instance, Kyleigh can find more valuable contacts in either facilities or facilities operations roles to start conversations with decision makers faster. If it’s a smaller company, she can reach out to an owner or CEO. And because Atlas highlights owner-occupied properties, she can contact building owners directly—which expedites the process because the owner likely oversees all the property’s janitorial and building maintenance vendors. Whether it’s email addresses and direct phone numbers that make cold calling easier and reaching decision makers faster, or mining addresses for developing direct mail campaigns, Atlas provides Kyleigh with the right information at the right time.

I love that I can see my pipeline with real numbers in my prospecting platform. Having everything in one place really helps with productivity and efficiency… I really like that Accounts lets me see all my important activity in one place, including contacts, opportunities, and related properties.”

Kyleigh Moreno, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Development

When Convex released the new Accounts and Opportunities features in Atlas earlier this year, Kyleigh was happy to give them a test drive. Accounts allow users to organize information, properties, and contacts related to customer organizations with which they do business, while Opportunities help track potential business deals with those organizations. 

“Overall, I really like the Accounts and Opportunities features,” she says. “I love that I can see my pipeline with real numbers in my prospecting platform. Having everything in one place really helps with productivity and efficiency. Although I tend to use the Opportunities section more, I really like that Accounts lets me see all my important activity in one place, including contacts, opportunities, and related properties.” 

Even though Moreno is still early in their journey with Atlas, it’s clear that they’ve realized many efficiencies in their prospecting process. But Kyleigh also feels that one of her biggest successes so far has been getting her entire team on board with the application. “It’s been amazing to get validation from the whole team on my decision to go with Atlas,” she says. “They understood that it’s an important asset to helping us succeed in what we’re trying to accomplish in developing the business and bringing on new clients. To me, that’s really been our biggest win.”  

Atlas has also helped modernize Moreno’s networking and marketing process. As a member of industry organizations that include the Building Owners Management Association and the International Facility Management Association, Kyleigh would regularly receive printed member directories that she would use to develop marketing campaigns. However, pulling member information from the hard copy and manually typing out contact information was very time-consuming. Using Atlas, all the information she needs to promote Moreno & Associates to her target businesses is right in the dashboard. 

Throughout the experience, Convex customer support has factored largely in Kyleigh’s enthusiasm for Atlas. “My Convex customer success rep has been incredible at regularly reaching out and keeping me engaged,” she says. “Even if I get sidetracked with other tasks, his encouragement keeps me going back to Atlas to make sure we’re getting the most out of it we can. I’ve never experienced this level of hands-on and dedicated customer service with any other team that I’ve worked with.”

Moreno & Associates at a Glance
  • Headquarters: San Jose, CA
  • Service Area: Regional
  • Industry: Building maintenance and janitorial services
  • Employees: 220+

Originally published on June 15, 2022 Updated on October 27, 2022

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