Key Focus Areas, Generative AI Trends, and Macroeconomic Impact: Commercial Services Providers in 2023

Join CEOs Charlie Warren of Convex and John Carroll of The Service Council in an engaging fireside chat as they dive into the dynamic landscape for commercial services providers in 2023. Delving into three key topics, they discuss crucial focus areas for service leaders, the transformative power of artificial intelligence and technology investments, and how the macroeconomic climate presents challenges and opportunities for commercial services providers.

The chat kicks off by exploring the agenda of service leaders and their pursuit of operational efficiencies to drive cost reductions and revenue gains. John emphasizes the significance of service operations and performance management, urging a reevaluation of service delivery models to enhance customer experiences and avoid commoditization. The CEOs underscore the role of technology in enabling successful service providers to meet evolving customer demands and achieve their goals.

Shifting gears, Charlie and John delve into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence and technology investments. They discuss the opportunities in generative AI, the broader applications for artificial intelligence, and the benefits of leveraging intelligence throughout the service cycle. Keeping the conversation grounded, they talk about the essential infrastructure required to harness these technologies effectively. The CEOs also delve into the areas of technology investment for service leaders, focusing on both new and existing technologies that offer operational efficiencies and improved outcomes.

The conversation concludes with a thought-provoking discussion on how the macroeconomic climate influences commercial services providers. Charlie and John shed light on the challenges posed by rising costs, inflation, changing customer demands, labor management, and the exploration of innovative service delivery models. Moreover, they emphasize the relationship between innovation and revenue growth and highlight the untapped opportunities present in service delivery.

Overall, this fireside chat offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of commercial services providers. The shared vision of Charlie and John underscores the significance of customer-centricity, technology adoption, and adaptability for organizations navigating the challenges and capitalizing on the potential of the industry in 2023. Industry leaders seeking sustainable growth and success in an ever-changing market will find this chat to be a source of inspiration and guidance.

Originally published on May 30, 2023 Updated on July 18, 2023

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