A Closer Look: Convex AI Call Assist Field Notes

Optimize Sales Call Preparation with Convex AI Call Assist

Ever wonder how much time your sales team spends preparing for introductory sales calls? According to Salesforce, sales reps dedicate approximately 9.3% of their time each week to researching prospects. That’s equivalent to 3.7 hours spent on scouring LinkedIn profiles, navigating search engines, gathering property insights, and more.

At Convex, our north star goal is to boost sales rep productivity. As a result, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation: Convex AI Call Assist.

Convex AI Call Assist prepares sales reps for calls in-a-click with AI-generated talking points.

What is Call Assist?

Convex AI Call Assist leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to generate sales talking points with just a click. Our AI provides insights about a prospect and crafts a tailored overview of your organization’s unique value proposition. This groundbreaking feature significantly accelerates call preparation and reduces research time to an impressive 30 seconds per call!

Save and reinvest time into selling

Imagine your team reducing call prep time from 10 minutes to 30 seconds! The resulting time savings would save an additional 3.5 hours per team member each week. That’s almost 200 hours per employee, annually. Consider the revenue potential, if each team member reinvested this time into core selling activities: booking first meetings, submitting proposals, and ultimately driving more sales?

Personalize talking points for your prospect

Beyond time savings, Call Assist ensures personalized communication. After inputting information about your company and services, our AI tailors talking points to address the specific needs of each prospect, based on information about their job and company. For example, if a prospect values sustainability and your company specializes in eco-friendly services, Call Assist will dynamically adapt, improving conversation outcomes and building rapport with property decision-makers.

Stay consistent across your team

In addition to time savings and personalization, Call Assist delivers consistent, clear talking points. Sales professionals often adopt individualized approaches to prepare for calls, leading to inconsistent outcomes. According to the Service Council, the average services organization attaches a service 39% of the time at the point of product purchase. Forgetting to attach services costs you business. However, with AI-generated talking points, sales managers can ensure consistency by including comprehensive product and service lists, promotional offers, and other essential sales solutions. Call Assist identifies relevant information and dynamically supports sellers on every call.

How Does It Work?

All of this probably sounds a bit like magic. This is what is possible when we merge the power of generative AI with the Convex Data Lake, which was developed specifically for commercial services organizations. If you’re unfamiliar with generative AI, our Chief Product Officer wrote an insightful article explaining this transformative technology. We highly recommend reading to understand the technology driving our Call Assist feature.

Our AI model quickly gathers information about the prospect such as their title, role, and company. With this data, Convex AI produces an overview of the prospect and potential areas of need.

Call Assist provides an overview of the prospect.

After generating insights about the prospect, our AI incorporates key details provided by your organization, such as information about your company and service offerings. The feature identifies common interests enabling sellers to quickly connect around the value proposition of your business.

AI-generated discussion points emphasize points of connection between your company and the prospect.


This powerful new feature is now available to customers with our Engage Premium offering and will save time, personalize communications, and drive consistency across your sales force.

Have questions? Reach out to your customer success representative (support@convex.com) or schedule a demo today.

Revolutionize your sales call preparation with Convex AI Call Assist. Your team’s productivity is just a click away!

Originally published on March 12, 2024 Updated on March 13, 2024

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