Are Your Tools Good Enough to Win?

Big sales goals and increasing competition require your best performance. Do you have what you need to lead the pack?
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Arm Yourself for Today’s Selling Environment

Your sales goals keep growing. Generating enough pipeline to hit them means quickly finding and penetrating new accounts, while expanding with existing customers and others like them. This kind of selling is high velocity, and your competition’s trucks are always right around the corner.

Build 3 Times the Pipeline in 1/3 the Time

Place the building info you need at your fingertips and streamline outbound sales activities. Dramatically increase qualified opportunities and save hundreds of hours per year.

Crush Quota and Improve Your Stats

Instantly access hundreds of new leads in your area, filtered to match your target criteria, and pre-qualify them before you reach out. More qualified leads = more proposals = more sales.

Impress Your Clients and Bosses

Use an intuitive system based on maps and buildings to stay organized, focus on the best targets, prepare for sales meetings, and avoid conflict with other reps. You will transform the way you work.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Use a one-stop shop to research opportunities from your phone in the time it takes to eat lunch. Supercharge your time on the road.

Stop Wasting Precious Time

Stop scouring Google Maps and old lists. Stop driving around to scope out equipment and drop off business cards. Save over 500 hours a year.

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Built from the Ground Up for You

Atlas was built exclusively for commercial contractors and service businesses. It uses a building-centric structure, location-based approach, mobile access, and customizable options to match the way you sell.

Experience Atlas in your service territory
Illustration of the Atlas interface: Map view with properties listed on right
Illustration of how customer data is combined in Atlas with proprietary Convex data

Powerful Data, at Your Fingertips

Atlas processes and verifies useful building information from a wide variety of proprietary sources and pre-populates it for you. It also imports and displays your own data. You won’t find this data in one place, with this level of accuracy, anywhere else.

See how data can supercharge your efforts

Find Your Next Decision Maker

Identify, sort, and filter contacts from a single view as you plan your outreach and manage conversations across the sales cycle.

See your workflow streamlined
Illustration of a contact card
Illustration of the Atlas interface: Help screen

Simple to Use, Quick to Learn

An intuitive design, map-based interface, and sleek visuals make it easy for anyone to use, regardless of software expertise. Activation and on-boarding are near immediate.

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Easy to Get Help

You’re in the service business. So are we. Our expert team responds quickly to your inquiries. On-boarding and customer success are provided by people who have been in your shoes. We listen to your feedback and update our secure platform every month.

See our support team in action
Illustration of the Atlas interface: Property details

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Are you interested in arming yourself with Atlas to help build pipeline fast? Let us help you with your business case to get Atlas into your toolkit.

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Atlas Is the Only System Designed to Supercharge Your Growth

Convex is the pioneer in map-based, outbound sales tools for commercial contractors and service businesses.

Atlas is the first and only product to address the unique needs of your team with a powerful toolkit developed by former contractors and MIT engineers.

Most importantly, Atlas produces results. Sales reps love Atlas and use it daily to add hundreds of new opportunities and eliminate hours of costly prospecting work. Managers use it to organize and analyze their teams, showcase productivity gains, and expand in concentrated areas to sell more profitable work.

Atlas has taken hold thanks to comprehensive building coverage, advanced organization and tracking features, a well-designed interface, and exceptional customer support.

  • “Atlas has changed the way I target new accounts and expand portfolios. Mapping our base has revealed incredible opportunities—it’s easy. If you can measure targets and results, then you can manage a territory. I’m a super user!”

    Customer photo
    Rob Ridings
    Facilities Solutions Senior Account Executive, McKinstry
  • “With Atlas, I’m more efficient with my time, more organized with my notes, and have all the information I need at my fingertips. Atlas simplifies the process of combining Excel lists and call lists, satellite imagery, and property information all into one easy-to-use tool. If you want to reach more qualified customers quicker, get Atlas.”

    Customer photo
    Sam Geise
    Maintenance Sales Representative, ABM Orlando
  •  “Atlas is where I organize my work and pick my angles of attack. Whether you’ve been in the industry 10 years or 10 days, it’s a must have in the toolkit. You can start leveraging it on day one.”

    Customer photo
    Cody Binns
    Service Executive, Hermanson Company
  • “I think the app is very helpful and useful, especially when you have any kind of meeting in the field. It’s nice to just pull the app up, and it shows you all your opportunities around you.”

    Customer photo
    Josh Rosh
    Maintenance Sales Representative, Doll Services
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Atlas in Action

Learn how Atlas helped one of the nation’s largest facilities services businesses build pipeline, increase productivity, and modernize the sales team.

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