Make Better Business Decisions with Integrated Property Data

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Optimize Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Enhance your existing go-to-market tools and make smarter business decisions by creating a single source of truth that provides a consistent view of all the people, businesses, and property data you need to win in the market.

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The Data You Need—All in One Place

Give teams across marketing, sales, and your entire organization a consistent reference point that puts data on the properties you service into context.

  • Property data: Building square footage, number of stories, permit information, and property type
  • Business data: Tenants/owners, business size and industry information
  • People data: Work and contact information
  • Many additional fields available
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Less Data Entry, More Deal Execution

Reduce errors caused by manually entering information about your new or existing customer base and reinvest the time into generating revenue and building campaigns.

  • Automate data entry with fields relevant to your business 
  • Provide teams with clean, consistent records they can leverage
  • Access the most current data, updated daily
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Turn Property Details into Growth Opportunities

Drill into details such as property attributes for evaluating revenue opportunities, equipment information for assessing upsell/cross-sell opportunities, and permit information for stronger market intelligence.

  • Align the organization with the right customers
  • Produce more relevant marketing campaigns through better audience segmentation
  • Access more insightful information for sales pre-meetings or to tailor outreach 
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More Funding, Healthier Buildings

In the wake of COVID-19, billions of dollars were allocated to schools to fund upgrades related to indoor air quality and other health measures. This webinar explores how commercial services sellers can apply stimulus funding insights provided by Convex to help schools make improvements to operate safely.

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