Join Convex at the Smarter Services Executive Symposium, September 13-15

What is the Smarter Services Executive Symposium?

The Smarter Services Executive Symposium is the industry’s premier event hosted by Service Council. Leaders in service, support, and customer experience will be coming together for the purpose of learning, networking, and progressing their business transformations.

In conjunction with Service is Humanity, this year’s theme will be centered around Service. Reinvented.

When: September 13-15, 2021
Where: Loews Chicago Hotel
Who should attend: Business Executives who own the functions of Services, Field Services, Customer Experience, Customer Management, Customer Support, Operations, IT, HR and Supply Chain

If you’re open to traveling and interested in connecting with your peers, register now and get $500 off your registration with our coupon code: 2021symposiumreferral.

Meet the Convex team at the event

Convex is excited to be a sponsor and connect in person with leaders throughout the services industry.

Find us in the Solution Zone to learn how Convex can help you grow your services footprint in record time. Everyone who visits us can enter a raffle to win a pair of Apple AirPods Pro! Winner will be announced during the last Networking Break on Tuesday, September 14.

In addition, if you would like to get outside of the hotel, join us on Tuesday after the Networking Reception for casual conversation over drinks and light bites at The Northman. Just a short walk away on the riverwalk, it will be a refreshing way to unwind after all the sessions.

Want to schedule time to learn more? Please send an email to

Service Council ensures a safe and healthy environment, with many safety protocols, including but not limited to mask mandates and social distancing.

The event is now available for livestreaming

Can’t join us in person? Have a colleague that wanted to accompany you but couldn’t?

The 2021 Smarter Services Symposium sessions will now (also) be livestreamed! Register to receive livestream access.

Originally published on August 30, 2021 Updated on October 25, 2022

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