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The Common Sense Guide to Sales Route Planning

5 minute read

Among sales reps, the topic of sales route planning is a little like the perfect golf swing: everyone thinks they have the answers. Seasoned reps think they’ve cracked the code of the drop-in with a mix of charm, coffee, and dogged persistence. Meanwhile, tech companies hawk sales route planning software that claims to “optimize” route […]

4 Creative Ways Our Users Manage the Sales Funnel With Atlas

5 minute read

Atlas customers share how they’ve adapted the platform to become the one-stop-shop for prospecting.

8 Sales Tips to Help You Hit Quota

6 minute read

Working in sales is hard, and cold calling can be the hardest part of all. You have to fight through fifty “nos” to get one “maybe,” and all the while, your sales quota is breathing down your neck. It’s no wonder that many of the sales reps we work with avoid outbound prospecting; it’s easier […]