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Join Convex at the Smarter Services Executive Symposium, September 13-15

2 minute read

What is the Smarter Services Executive Symposium? The Smarter Services Executive Symposium is the industry’s premier event hosted by Service Council. Leaders in service, support, and customer experience will be coming together for the purpose of learning, networking, and progressing their business transformations. In conjunction with Service is Humanity, this year’s theme will be centered […]

Why Atlas + Contact Information is Revolutionary for Commercial Services

4 minute read

There’s a classic scene in every James Bond movie when audiences get their first glimpse of 007’s brand new gear: new weapons, new spy gadgets, new Aston Martin. The goal, always, is to take something cool and make it even cooler—to make the audience say “whoa.” At Convex, we’re having a “whoa” moment of our […]