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The Outlook for Biometric Access Control in 2021

5 minute read

Biometric access control—the use of physical characteristics like a fingerprint, retina, or facial scan as a security measure—is in the middle of a profound shift. Like so much in our world, the COVID-19 pandemic turned the security industry upside down. Before the pandemic, using your fingerprint to unlock a door felt slightly futuristic. But now, […]

How COVID Changed HVAC Sales Forever

5 minute read

Commercial HVAC sales teams are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic into a very different world. On the one hand, customers understand the importance of clean air and ventilation like never before. HVAC teams have been instrumental in making it safe to return to normal life, and they’ll continue to play a vital role in preparing […]

What HVAC Teams Should Know About COVID Stimulus Funding

5 minute read

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. government has passed over $5 trillion in stimulus funding. Of that, millions of dollars are allocated explicitly for HVAC improvements. Each of the three major COVID-19 relief spending packages (CARES, CRRSA, ARPA) contain funds that can be used to upgrade heating and cooling systems to make […]