Is Your Service Base Growing Fast Enough?

To succeed in a service-based sales model, you need to modernize your approach and optimize team performance. Do you and your reps have the tools to keep up?
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What Worked Yesterday Won’t Work Tomorrow

The future of your business is in service contracts and account expansion. Lasting customer relationships bring recurring revenue and put your team in a prime position to win big pull-through projects. But managing sales like you always have will no longer deliver the same results.

Empower Your Team With Maximum Productivity

You gain early pipeline visibility and an unprecedented ability to organize and direct your team. They gain a high-powered platform they use every day.

Take control of your team’s success with a single system that increases everyone’s productivity and lets you grow pipeline faster than ever before.

Measure. Manage. Forecast.

Gain visibility into the elusive early stage pipeline. Distinguish generic activities from meaningful progress. Improve your forecast accuracy and make it easy to relay progress to management.

Boost Sales Efficiency

Feed your reps information about qualified facilities that match your business goals. Make their outbound sales stress-free, get rid of excuses, and let productivity skyrocket across the team.

Add Real Value to Your Team

Bring more to the table. Map out existing customers, organize prospecting tasks, and assign facilities. Coach with data in your next 1:1. Keep top performers, attract new candidates, and cut new hire ramp times in half.

Grow Your High Margin Service Base

Don’t just take whatever shows up in the pipeline. Direct your team to the best verticals and locations. Manage your regional strategy with your service ops team so you can target the best, most profitable areas for expansion.

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Your Data, Supercharged

Atlas will map your customer base like never before. With this information at your fingertips, you can target higher margin geographies, grow market share in your best verticals, and direct your team to expand wallet share of top accounts.

See how you can leverage your data in Atlas
Illustration of how customer data is combined in Atlas with proprietary Convex data
Illustration of the Atlas interface: Campaigns, permit history, and notes

Built for You and Your Team

Atlas was built exclusively for commercial contractors and service businesses. A building-centric structure, mobile access, and assignment workflow match the way your team sells. Dashboards make it easy to organize and track reps’ activity, augmenting your methods with the latest in artificial intelligence.

Experience a new level of insight into your team

Immediate Value

Atlas isn’t bloated or complicated like a classic CRM. An intuitive design, pre-populated map-based interface, and sleek visuals make it easy for anyone to use, regardless of software expertise. An entire sales team can be activated in a single day.

See how simple onboarding can be
Illustration of the Atlas interface: Property details
Illustration of the Atlas interface: Help screen

Easy to Get Help

You’re in the service business. So are we. Our expert team responds quickly to your inquiries. On-boarding and customer success are provided by people who have been in your shoes. We listen to your feedback and update our secure platform every month.

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Turn Properties Into Pipeline

No more juggling between tools. Atlas seamlessly and securely integrates with your CRM to create a single, end-to-end view of your market opportunity. Automatically stitch together previously siloed data and arm your teams with a property-driven view of where to call next.

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Logos for CRMs integrated with Atlas: Salesforce, Oracle, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics

Get an ROI Estimate

Wondering what kind of returns your team could see using Atlas? Tell us about your business, and we will estimate your ROI based on similar companies.

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Atlas Is the Only System Designed to Supercharge Your Growth

Convex is the pioneer in map-based, outbound sales tools for commercial contractors and service businesses.

Atlas is the first and only product to address the unique needs of your team with a powerful toolkit developed by former contractors and MIT engineers.

Most importantly, Atlas produces results. Sales reps love Atlas and use it daily to add hundreds of new opportunities and eliminate hours of costly prospecting work. Managers use it to organize and analyze their teams, showcase productivity gains, and expand in concentrated areas to sell more profitable work.

Atlas has taken hold thanks to comprehensive building coverage, advanced organization and tracking features, a well-designed interface, and exceptional customer support.

  • “Atlas is the new standard. It allows me unique insight into my growing team, with strong customer support and constant feature updates based on our feedback.”

    Customer photo
    Brian Ruffner
    Director of Sales, Comfort Systems USA Southwest
Case study document

Atlas in Action

Learn how Atlas helped one of the nation’s largest facilities services businesses build pipeline, increase productivity, and modernize the sales team.

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